Sunday, October 12, 2014

Outpouring Part 1

Hi guys!Long time no post here  :)
I've been so busy lately, but calm down! i have leisure to post here again..yeay! Okay 2014 is my hard and raw year, yeah take a look: i've lost my grandma, my UN scores are too bad (im not the lucky one), and not accepted at medicine faculty. Look like i squawk and not grateful to God, at first time i did, but now i feel blessed and grateful to God (pssstt.. we never know God's plan, rite?)

Agree?I absolutely say yes

Anyway, i'll tell my hardly endeavor to pass the university test, oh my God, i am often crying all day long, rejected everywhere, but i feel relief now, i am accepted in UNIBRAW, the department of food agriculture, far away from my dream, but still i can attain the star. I've done the tests for eight times, i forgot what exactly the majors i head to. Remind of my memories, i tested for medicine, pharmacy, environment technique, dentist, and food agriculture, and oh the last one nutrient. For eight tests, i've been rejected for SEVEN times! imagine how my feeling past.

My parents were mad of me, blamed me all day long, being hate me..ugh that suck moment peeps! But i feel grateful, even though they did, but they and my brothers still support me till now :*Precisely my oldest brother he hugged me when my tears felt down veritably, when i think i couldn't be accepted PTN and i felt 'let me die God' sounds like exaggerate, but trust me! when u're in my position, u'll do the same as i did. But other sides, i have learned much lessons, not physically lesson, but vague lesson u couldnt see, like behavior, and your self..You know i'm more 100 times stonger than the old J, and i have kinda mature thoughts and considerations. See the positive side, peeps! ;)

Okay now turn to what occurred to me today! Hmmm preceded with ...
Today is the worst day, my lecture got  rid of me. I have no idea about this, i know i'm wrong, because i was late, but i have sense reason, you all have no rights to blame me.. I have bad bedtime recently, I always sleep at 1-3 am, it’s because a lot of tasks, I know it’s an oldschool reason. But Hey! See the positive sides. I can accomplish all my task, study by myself, and I can sleep abundantly hahaha..yap I won’t do this again, but still trying. Hey I use more ‘but’ here, pardon me guys!
I used to sad, but now not anymore, I can be 100 times stronger. I tell u the funny moment is I surrender easily, I haven’t disputed yet to lecture, all I do is open the door and go outside with innocent face hahaha and that moment all my sight friends focused on me, ah how embarrassing! Pssstt… actually they don’t know my hardly struggle, I have run as fast as I can, I withstand my gastropolic and I farted for many times on my way to campus..huft! that struggle was futile, but it’s okay I still have life anyway...yeah as my best friends, they will know, im typical late-student, and this is not my first time, honestly I can’t count my late up…yah as late-student, im craving being punctual. 

But don’t over think too much because this moment! Get positive side, and ameliorate the negative side, simple right? All I think is my parents, huhuhu sorry papa mama, anyway I’m afraid oh papa’s mad, so I’ll conceal this devotion, hope he doesn’t read my blog, be this devotion as our secret y guys!  And the happy moment, there are my friends that encourage me, and not scoff or make fun of me, I love u guys!

Ugh my gastroplic comes up again, be right back guys..oh emm hey I still have task, so see you peeps! Stay tune for my next devotion about my lovely grandma if u don’t demur it ;) Bye xoxoxo - Jeje.

Oh here bonus pict my new friends(guess where am i?)
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Friday, June 22, 2012

Recipe: Making Rainbow Cake #1

Haloo semuanyaa ;) Udah lama nih ga posting lg ehehe, biasaa supeer sibuk :P Di liburan kyk gini enaknya ngabisin liburan dengan bikin kuee!! Nah pas hari minggu lalu, aku bikin rainbow cake :D Nih pictnya

My first cake

 Kali ini aku mau ngasih resep + gambar tahap-tahap membuat kue ini, serius buatnya ga terlalu susah kok cuman perlu kesabaran ehehe, ini diaa resepnyaa check it out!! ;) 

Jadi sebelum aku buat kue ini, aku ngumpulin resep dari searching-searching di mbah google, aku ketemu resep tp ini dengan dikukus, resep ini dari Bunda Shaski ,dikukus ini punya beberapa kelebihan loh drpada dibaking, tekturnya lebih lembut, cepet (efisien), dan ga perlu misahin telur antar putih sama kuningnya :) Karena pingin cari sumber tambahan, aku nemu di facebook, resepnya dari bu salma (Salma Loyang), jadi rainbow cake ini aku modifikasi dari 2 resep, tp tetep sih dominannya resep dari Bunda Shaski ehehe.. Ini resepnya (Bunda Shaski) aku tulis ulang + tambahannya: 

Bahan A:

*6 butir telur ayam

*Gula 200 gram
*Ovalet 1/2 sdt
 Bahan B: 
(semua bahan dicampur, terus diayak yah)
*Vanili 1/2 sdt
*Garam 1 sdt
*Baking powder 1 sdt
*Terigu 125 gram
*Susu bubuk 5 sendok/6sendok (sesuai selera)
Bahan C:
*Minyak sayu 175 ml
 *White chocolate 120 gram (resep asli 100 gram, tp menurutku kurang kerasa coklatnya jadi aku tambahin 20 gram)--->dilelehkan yah


Ini bahan dan alatnya

Cara Buat:
 1. Kocok telur dan gula hingga putih atau setengah naik, masukkan ovalet (ingat sesuai takaran, karena kalo kebanyakan kuenya bisa bantet), kocok lagi kl aku sih pake kecepatan medium samapai mengembang kira-kira 25 menit-30 menitanlah ehehe mesti sabar yah ;)

Kocok telur sampai putih kyk gini lah 

2. Kalo udah kentel berjejak, masukkin campuran tepung terigu tadi dan aduk lagi (kl aku pake mixer dengan kecepatan rendah, yang penting kecampur semua)
3. Tuang campuran minyak dan coklat ke adonan, aduk rata.


Jadinya begini

4. bagi adonan ke 5 mangkuk dibagi rata, terus tetesin 5 warna: merah, orange, kuning, hijau, biru ke satu mangkuk 

Warna merahnya keburu dikukus ehehehe

5. Kukus kue selama 10 menit (tes tusuk), kl kukusannya kecil mau g mau satu-satu ehehe :) tenang aku jg satu-satu kok, dan hasilnyaa


6. Olesin perlayer cream cheese, oh ya ini resepnya kl buat sendiri:

-Keju parut 50 gram

-Susu cair 50 ml

-Butter 17 gram 
Didihkan diatas api kecil, sampai mendidih, angkat terus didinginkan. Didinginkannya di kulkas yah.. Jadi kl udah dingin dicampurkan dengan WhipCream 50 gram + air dingin dengan ukuran sisanya, dikocok hingga kaku pake keceptan tinggi yah.

7. Kalau krimnya masih kurang kocok lagi 50 gram WC + 100 ml air dingin.

- Sebelum dikukus, penutup panci harus dibungkus dengan kain, biar air uap ga netes ke kue, trus pastiin yah  kukusannya udah panas, baru dimasukkin adonan..
-Kalo tentang krim jd gini, perbandingan antara WC dengan air dingin adalah 1:2, jd kl wcnya 20 gram otomatis airnya harus 40 ml.
-Liat petunjuk 6, nah itu kan disuruh dicampurin air dingin sisanya, maksudnya kl capuran keju+susu cair+butter ngehasilin 20 ml, berarti air dingin yang mesti dicampurin 80 ml.

This is It!

Inside of My Cake ;)

Selamat mencoba ;) Mohon Kritik & Sarannya! Salam Inyi Minyi ^^ 


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Friday, November 11, 2011

Fashion, Fashion Blog!

Good night everybody!!!! yeah i'm so missing u guys, well u know i seldom post again instead never do it-___- u know what? my tasks, my exam always follow me whenever, wherever i am. Is that boring thing? Sure it is... ok, i'm not gonna talking about that, now if you LOVE FASHION much, just read this posting... oh please don't blame my tenses, i'm trying with english..please support me!MySpace

pretty girl in pretty wearing
I'll tell u fashionable persons of blog in Indonesia.. i know there's a lot in out there.. but these, just representation of them ;)

Okay, for first i'll introduce famous fashion blog!


She's adorable kid.. ah i'm so shy cause she can write with english and never feel afraid if there's wrong MySpace, different with me as sky and land :( She has succeed with her blog.. for sure i'm so envy.. she always wear branded clothing, oh geez :O. For example: Zara, converse, louis vuitton, etc.
And she has made her store, named "Little Nuh", so cute name. She's also younger designer, her style is so luxurious :O.

Nice Pic

one of my fav pics

One of her designs


Well if you see her thoroughly,you'll say in ur heart that u've been seeing her before, rite? yup, she's an artist. And she also loves fashion, her blog is not just only about fashion, but random, but the dominant is fashion. I think her blog's same with evita.. and i'm really envy too HA..
Here's the pics..

Always fashionable


Hah, with my searching, average of fashion blogs are always using with english.. i know it's up them, maybe they want their blog to go international.. Surely, idk exactly she is.. but for sure she's fashionable person. No wonder that she has been in PARIS MySpace and her style is dominant of street style that free of experiment..



Ah.. she's young too... but little bit older than me, she has been studying in Malaysia, and surely she took fashion..maybe she's passive in writing, but active in photos :P oh oh but she loves making quotes about fashion, once she writes, her sentence is heart-touching.

"Fashion is something to be understand n something that should be appreciated however that look"-Diana  
"Don't ever feel afraid if you want to play with FASHION!"-Diana

Simple, but has meaningful

U will be surprised if u see her back ;)


Ah same with above.. she's young, could express herself with fashion.

"fashion- i do,not because they have to but because i love it"- Dommy

Next, For shops of fashion


For me.. i love their Jewel much.. even though it's expensive, their models of jewelz are good, and u won't be upset ;) But u can buy their clothes ;)


It's about unique flat shoes, so if u love flat shoes, then you're bored about model, just buy there.. Various models are in it :D.

I think it's enough, rite? i'm so exhausted hohoho ;)bye meet next posting again MySpace

Critic&Suggestion needed!regards Inyi Minyi^^

source of pics & information:

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